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我们工厂. 全球最大的博彩平台的一家数字机构. 我们的数字营销活动很有创意 & 为成长中的品牌精心制作的网站.

We're an independent digital agency, co-founded by a seasoned design specialist and a former Googler. We know how to make digital campaigns work to deliver return on investment over and over. We are here to help you connect your brand to your customers, without jargon, smoke or mirrors.


Because there's no 'one size fits all', we really take the time to understand your individual needs. 我们关心我们所做的, 我们听, 和你一起工作,提供你真正需要的解决方案, 不是我们想卖的那个.

由于糟糕的账户设置,超过60%的数字广告支出被浪费了, 不正确的定位和/或糟糕的广告文案, 我们可以帮忙. If you are looking to stop wasting your ad spend and get more for your budget, 或者开始在网上获得新客户, 我们有能力为您的企业带来应有的回报.

我们专注于数字营销(PPC). 社交、视频、电子邮件等等...),并有一个 前google员工 负责我们的营销业务. We are fully qualified experts of Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

If you're looking for a new website and really want to stand out from the crowd in a growing digital marketplace, we also design and build awesome cutting edge websites across a full range of technologies to meet your needs, 如 WordPressLaravel、statstatic等.

最后,我们的 创意总监 is a fully fledged graphic designer and can meet all of your design needs. We create brands, brochures and logos (plus many other services) for small business right through to 富时100指数企业业务.

如果你想从你的数字产品中获得更多的回报, speak to our experts today and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.


我们是谷歌的合作伙伴机构,我们的队伍中甚至有一位前谷歌员工. 因此,当我们创建和实施数字营销策略时, we do it with two main things in mind - To make our client's business a success and increase sales.

我们在所有主要的数字营销平台上营销我们的客户, 从谷歌到Facebook/Instagram,从Twitter到LinkedIn. We develop digital marketing strategies to ensure each of our clients put their best foot forward, 在对的时间,对的人.

We produce highly engaging graphic ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram etc... 并将其推广给定制的受众. We build bespoke audience profiles based on our vast knowledge of what works in digital marketing and will continually carry out research to tweak these audiences to our client's advantage.

This allows us to adjust the targeting as and when needed based on various factors 如 seasonal events and sales etc... The ultimate aim - to get our client's in front of as many relevant people as possible and to drive intrigue and engagement in the publications on offer.

网页设计 & 发展

我们所有的网站都是手工编写的, so you can rest assured that your new online presence will have the look and feel you desire. 我们的设计师组合, marketers and developers means we know how to design and build websites that really work for our clients.

因为我们有一个高技能的用户体验设计师和前谷歌人在我们的团队, we really do know how to design websites that really work and which meet your goals and expectations. We have designed and developed many websites over the years and have scaled businesses up from being small local companies to covering the whole of the UK and beyond.

通过我们的开发,我们已经帮助一些客户从c.每月5000名游客,超过c.4万,多亏了我们的用户体验专家. 我们众多满意的客户中的一位说:

“Factory的团队花了很多时间来了解我们的业务. We were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes." We take the time to really get to know your business and what your goals are then we use our UX & design experience to create the awesome web presence your company deserves.



谷歌广告- FR琼斯 & 儿子



An industry leader in the supply and service of horticultural and arboricultural equipment and machinery, FR琼斯 and 儿子 are mowing down the competition in their industry with their online offering. FR琼斯 and 儿子 approached us after running their own Google Shopping campaign themselves but sought a higher return.

They wanted to expand into Google Search and Display to increase their potential. 作为一个企业, they knew they had a strong offering and wanted to increase their reach and sales through multiple PPC campaigns with a realistic budget. We have achieved over 11,000 new conversions to the website in the past six months.

 网页设计 & 开发和营销——安东尼·K

Anthony K网站


像许多独立的汽车租赁中小企业一样, 安东尼K利用一个系统,提供最好的车辆来源, 然后帮助引导他们的客户完成整个过程. 汽车租赁已经成为一个巨大的行业,并为普通客户, 交易的选择是压倒性的.

随着安东尼·K进入数字时代, their front facing website was search facility leading to an extensive array of choices. 这就是需要我们专业知识的地方. 我们的客户认为,虽然全面, 网站首页上的选择让人眼花缭乱.

结果是,您将带着经过过滤的结果进入汽车数据库. The site also allows for Anthony K to display important information and a blog in their own style. No site is set and forget and Anthony K have continued to work with us to drive leads to their website with a highly targeted google campaign.


网页设计 & 开发-漂流木酿酒厂



We were honoured to be contacted by Driftwood Gin Distillery in the Netherlands, 帮助推销他们的手工杜松子酒. 浮木酒厂 currently offer four beautifully packaged craft gins which are available worldwide.

The Problem Driftwood’s current website had been created a good while earlier and managed by the owners. 和很多网站一样, the process of managing it versus just doing what you are great at (in this case, 蒸馏杜松子酒变得越来越难.

网页设计 & 发展——自然



We met the founder of 只是 on a trade mission to Dublin, Ireland with Enterprise Nation. 我们和全球最大的博彩平台人相处得很好. Since then, we have also been fans of this brilliant multi award winning snack.

We were thrilled to be tasked with creating a website to reflect the brand. The client wanted a visually engaging, responsive website with simple e-commerce functionality. So, 这个有趣的网站有效地传播了品牌, 一个草根, 家族经营的有机食品和饮料公司. 我们为自然创造的.